The Body Language BootCamp has been postponed to a later date.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Learn how to become a person of influence by improving your body language, posture, eye contact and gestures, and enhance your communication and relationships 
without having to say a word. 

55% of the impression you make is based on your body language. We are constantly transmitting information using non-verbal communication about who we are, how we feel, what we believe, and what we value in ourselves and others. 
It’s incredibly powerful stuff.

In this Bootcamp, you will learn how to make your non-verbal’s work for  you: to communicate your story, fast track your confidence, master the art of flirting, and create winning body language to use in your personal and professional life.

You will learn the “red-flags” of body language to avoid, eliminate the signals that are sabotaging your communication and identify the roadblocks that prevent you from shining.

In the end of this 4-week workshop you will know the tools and techniques to rock confident, winning, and sexy body language everywhere you go.

Here's What We Will Cover

Over 4-weeks you will learn how to communicate using your ESL (everyone's second language), and perfect your messaging as we dive into topics that elevate your personal and professional life.

Each week you will receive a new video where I focus on developing different aspects of your non-verbal communication. I will be explaining, demonstrating, and guiding you through the process so you can feel clear and confident.

  You will also receive a weekly practice plan to help you solidify your new skills!

Week 1: Your Body Language, Your Story

  • Change your non-verbal’s and become a person of influence
  • Learn how to read everyone’s second language
  • Building the fundamentals: principles of “perfect” posture
Your body language tells YOUR story, so let’s decide what story do YOU want to tell!

 And most importantly, HOW do you tell it?
Learn what counts most in non-verbal communication, and establish the right fundamentals and habits that make your body language work for you!

Week 2: Body Language for Confidence

  • Fast track your confidence using power poses
  • ​How to establish presence when you walk into a room
  • ​Establish warmth and connection through expressions

Week 3: Body Language for Flirting

  • Secrets to signal attraction
  • Feminine movements vs. masculine movement
  • ​Adding hip movement to your walk

Week 4: Body Language for Winning

  • Mindset training to key moments of communication
  • Purposeful gestures to increase charisma and likeability
  • Winning body language

Exclusive Live Q & A with Sarah

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Diamond Ticket

  • 4 x Weekly Training Videos
  • 4 x Weekly Practice Plans
  • 4 x Live Q & A Sessions
  • 4 x Private 25 min Sessions with Sarah
  •  Bonus Video: Style & Grooming  secrets to enhance your impression

Platinum Ticket

  • 4 x Weekly Training Videos
  • 4 x Weekly Practice Plans
  • 4 x Exclusive Live Q & A Sessions with Sarah

Gold Ticket

  • 4 x Weekly Training Videos
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Hey! I'm Sarah

I’m a World Class Pro Dancer, an Award-Winning Coach, and a Cappuccino and Croissant Addict.

But apart from my love of carbs, here’s my “official” bio… you ready?

I started dancing professionally at 18, and quickly got into competition (which is actually quite a late start), but I worked my way up the competition circuit and became 
World Professional Semi-finalist in Latin Style dance, and an Award-winning coach.

The tools I acquired and now teach, changed my own life first. Working on my presentation, mindset, and body language has allowed me to silence my inner critic and show up in life the way I WANT, with confidence.

And over the past 18 years I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to share these tools with other women and witness it change their lives too.

I’m obsessed with coaching women on how to get intentional with their own vision for themselves, and empowering them with tangible tools and skills that will bring that vision to life.