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Your Complete A-to-Z
Heels Blueprint

Get proven, pain free method from a World Class Pro dancer and Top Heels Coach for you to be able to walk in heels confidently and beautifully, all while carrying yourself with REAL confidence, elegance and femininity.

It's not about the number of hours you put into practice or the shape of heel you wear. By learning the RIGHT ways to move and quickly preparing your body with the necessary skills, you can handle heels with ease and elegance. You can wear what YOU want, keep your body comfortable - and carry yourself in a truly empowered and feminine way.

You see: You have what it takes to do it well.

And you don't need to keep putting in the time hoping to "get used to it". Pain, awkwardness and discomfort are NOT a natural part of wearing heels. It is a sign that you're doing something fundamentally wrong! 

There's a clear, actionable way for you to get good at walking in heels without sore feet and toes, wearing only ____ size of heels, or the anxiety of “am I even doing this right?”


You're new to heels and have no idea where to start...

You're struggling in heels and feel awkward, uncomfortable, stuck to kitten heels and wedges...

You have written heels off and are staying away from them as much as you can...

Or you simply want to do it better... More confidence, more elegance and more sexiness...

Grab a glass of wine, this is your time to create a new experience! Because my Heels Blueprint is a game changer for women to walking in heels beautifully with unmatched confidence!

Your Experience 
Wearing Heels.

Get my proven, pain-free blueprint for you to be able to walk in your favorite heels confidently, comfortably and with style.

Do you want to wear heels for date nights, cocktail hours with your girlfriends or work? 
Whether you want to wear them once a week, once a month or only on special occasions...

It's not about starting with a kitten heel or only wearing wedges, accepting pain or stressing over which shoes and insoles to buy. By learning the RIGHT skills and techniques, you can rock the style of heels that YOU want, and feel effortless and comfortable while doing it.

You see: Despite what you heard, beauty doesn't HAVE to be pain.

And you don't need to accept pain, squished toes and feeling off-balanced anymore! There's a clear, actionable way for you to feel confident, secure and sexy while wearing your favorite pair of heels without looking for the next "quick tip" hoping, it will make it feel just a little bit better. 
This is your time to kick pain to the curb and get away from ineffective heel tips that have never really work for you! My Heels method is here to help you overcome your high heels challenges and learn the REAL way to walk with confidence!

Time to try something different. Time to slip in your stilettos and know what the heck you're doing. Time to make wearing heels less about “beauty requires sacrifice” and more about saying hello to your new confident habit.

Why does walking in heels make so 
many of us CRINGE?

Heels are one of the most powerful, uniquely feminine tools for women to elevate style, boost confidence and feel sexy (studies show that women in heels are even perceived to be more attractive!).

Unfortunately most women, every time they put heels on - feel uncomfortable and even in pain. They look awkward when they walk.

You know the symptoms: sore feet, squished toes and tired legs... 
It's hard to feel sexy when you're so uncomfortable.

You're taking tiny, cautious steps on bent knees where instead of a confident strut, you crawl like a turtle. You feel wobbly, stiff and awkward trying to fake it until you make it. At least your outfit looks great, right?

Your plans on walking into a room radiating confidence and feeling genuinely feminine come down crashing.

You don't know what's wrong or how to fix it.

This is your invitation.

Here's 1 Thing You Don't Know About Heels

aka The Most impactful Thing You'll Read About them
When your body is in an awkward position - you won't feel or look good.

In heels, the elevated foot position plus tiny surface area makes it incredibly challenging 
to walk, but here's what non-pros DON'T know:

The challenge of heels is NOT the elevated position in itself, but rather the following positions that you end up taking while you're looking for balance! (read that again)

Let me explain...
When you hop into those high stilettos, your body starts wobbling and shifting in all sorts of ways, trying to find a more or less stable spot. And without guidance, most women always end up in incredibly awkward positions.

For example, ankles rolled out, weight shifted forward to the ball of the foot, grippy 
eagle toes, bent knees that lean sideways, hips forward and collapsed lower back etc.

These positions isolate and put magnified pressure on your joints, create lots of tension in your muscles, making them work much harder and stress your whole body

Which is causing discomfort, tension and pain in your body. With such stiffness, making 
it very awkward to move.
So, if you are stuck in bad position like that - 

you can practice for countless hours, you can try every possible shoe out there, 
you can try any of the quick etiquette tips (step heel-toe, small steps, hips forward, shoulders back etc.)...

but you will keep feeling and looking the same. Until you fix it.

Let me show you how...

Lack of balance and style of the heel is NOT your main problem.

It's about the way your body moves.

And that’s why a lot of "quick tips" don’t work.

What would happen if we started moving our bodies correctly?

If we removed the old stigma that style requires sacrifice?
Visualize this for a sec.

Walking with confidence -- true freedom! -- happily strolling into any room because your movement is both supported and sexy.

The liberty to shop any design or heel height you desire, fully knowing you can pull it off, and that those pretty pumps won't sit collecting dust in your closet.

Dressing up for date nights, parties, or a quick trip to the coffee shop because looking fabulous is no longer reserved for special occasions.

Continually honing a walk that is so instantly recognizable, your body language speaks for you from a mile away, letting you make your mark on the world in a big way. 

Even if you can't fully visualize this right now, it doesn't mean you 
can't have it!

I know you can, because I did... 
and I taught hundreds of other women to do it too!

I'm a World Professional Dance Semi-Finalist, and I've spent nearly 2 decades mastering how to move the body in a beautiful way - without having to make the trade-off of pain.

I've become an expert on body alignment, coordination, weight transfer, presentation and so much more. I lived, spun, and competed in 3" heels for 18 years. (Don't worry, I won't ask you to do that).

My system is about treating the root of the problem, and producing real, feel good results. And now? I want to lift the veil and share with you what I know. 

There are ways in which your body is not 
built to move

When you slip on a pair of heels it alters your body position. Without the right information and precise techniques and skills, you'll be left trying to force your body into submission through repetition. 
A no-fail recipe for disaster.

That's why the best path to up-level your heel game (not just survive, but thrive), is by developing the correct basics.

These are necessary whether you want to wear heels once a month, once a week, or everyday.

The correct basics are comprised of 5 skills: 

Alignment – Balance – Strength – Coordination – Flow

WHAT exactly are they and most importantly, HOW do YOU get them?

These skills and techniques make being able to rock a pair of heels confidently, comfortably and elegantly, a sure thing. 
Not a guessing game.

Sound like a lot?? Take a breath, it really isn’t. 

You'll notice major differences in the way you move in just a few weeks. While practicing for as little as 30 minutes a week.

So your success is NOT dependent on your heel height, insoles, or endless practice.

It's about doing the RIGHT things that make the difference. 

How to Walk in Heels Course

Your complete blueprint to learn the techniques and skills that will redefine your heels experience… all in 5 modules, self-paced program backed by community of heel rocking women.

Over the last eighteen years I've danced, taught, and competed in 3" heels
and became a World Professional Semi-Finalist.
Now? I continue to wear heels with complete freedom – and I’ve
helped hundreds of other women to do the same thing.
I’m giving my step-by-step system I used to get there… to YOU.


If you've ever felt like Bambi learning to walk, you're in the right place! Quit stressing your body on the quest to find balance and fluidity. I'll teach you how to create a gorgeous leg action and know exactly what to do with your feet.

First, we're diving into proper foot and leg alignment and my step-by-step process to positioning yourself correctly and confidently in heels.

Next, you'll learn my signature BSP technique so you can elongate your legs, and ensure every step has a purpose in supporting your walk.

Get ready to unlock the mystery behind a poised walk, by learning key mechanics and correct drills for your legs and feet.


Now that you have the idea and ability to move your legs in a supportive and beautiful way, let's talk about how to use your hips so you can infuse femininity and style into your walk... because "loosen up" isn't exactly a roadmap.

In this module I'll give you my go-to tips to develop the 3 F's of hip movement: flexibility, flow, and form. You'll get your hands on my tried and true secrets that will help you overcome hip stiffness or wobbly movement, and give you control of the way your body moves.

By the end, you will understand where hip movement plays a role in your overall walk, so you can remove the pressure to be "less stiff", and instead, focus on creating a walk that represents YOU. Zero guessing game, no more looking like you're trying too hard! 


Establishing proper posture does not have to be stuffy or take the fun out of your walk. In fact, it can (and will) give you more freedom. I'll equip you with the exact skills you need so that you never catch your reflection and think "gosh, my posture is terrible"! Save time, save your body, and set your posture in order.

I'll walk you through how I integrate simple posture exercises for 10 minutes a day, so you can focus more on being present, than worrying about your body language.

You'll learn how to create softness and length in your stance through simple drills and visualizations.

Plus, we'll explore how you can create feminine angles through understanding your axis lines and aligning your body parts in a way that showcases your curves. 


What good is all of this strategy if we can't bring it all together? It's time to talk about the end game of walking in heels and how to integrate all these skills into your signature walk.

Mechanics? They are the foundation, but when you want to express your personality, styles are the best way to showcase it.

I'll share 3 different styling options for your walk and what hip movements pair best with each.

You'll learn the Relaxed Elegance, Subtle Sexy, and Bombshell Strut so you can switch up your walks whenever a different mood strikes. 


Your arms are the cherry on top when it comes to your walk.

I'll give you my recipe to strike the perfect balance between tone and flexibility so your arms always move with ease and grace.

In this lesson, I'll share with you my secrets on using your arms to accentuate your hips and create a visually slimmer silhouette.

By the end, you will know which arm styling pairs best with each style of walk, so you can look and feel your absolute best wherever you go. 

"Even if you're scared of heels... Sarah knows what she's talking about!"

"I absolutely adore the heels course! It's easy to follow, and I love that you can take thing's in bite size portions and work on specific aspects of your walk. There is something so wonderful about Sarah, she knows what she's talking about! 

When you get this course it feels like you are giving yourself permission to enjoy being a woman; it gives you this air of luxury like you are worth it, and are worth investing in your own femininity. It doesn't even have to do with just wearing heels, it translates into many other areas of your life including confidence!
I really recommend the heel course for anyone... even if you're scared of them, like I was."

- Johanna M, The Vibrant Flow Podcast

"My husband loves it! 
I'm walking with better posture and feeling more balanced!"

"I'd recommend how to walk in heels to any woman who is having trouble walking in heels, or who wants to look/feel/walk more sexy or feminine! I'm walking with better posture and feeling more balanced.
Also adding some hip movement to my walk has helped me feel sexy and feminine! (My husband loves it!)"

- Zianya Sanchez, Mindset & Life Coach

The How to Walk in Heels Course gives you a no-fluff, clear and easily actionable system so you can implement as you learn it. 

Showcase yourself flawlessly - so you can can walk into any room, use your body language to speak for you, and feel fully confident.

The moment you join you get instant access to all the modules, my signature practice guide, and any updates I throw in.

Squished toes, wobbly ankles, and tense legs will be a thing of your past! You will be able to wear heels (or flats) with a new-found sense of ease and effortlessness.

Hey, I’m Sarah Bohdanova!


I left a successful competitive dance career where I became a World Professional Semi-Finalist and an Award Winning coach, to go all in on coaching women.

I'm a Pro at wearing heels myself and I helped hundreds of women to rock their favorite shoes painlessly with a stunning walk!

I coached all sorts of women from pro dancers and models to entrepreneurs, students, baby mamas, working professionals and heel lovers who wanted to level up.

What started as a few clients asking me for some quick heels tips, turned into busy local group lessons, which rolled into international online heel workshops, and finally inspired me to create a full How to Walk in Heels course.

And now? My goal is to help thousands of women to walk in heels like they always dreamed of.


“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where Her expertise will transform you!”

- Monique, Job, City


“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where  Her expertise will transform you!”

- Monique, Job, City


“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where Her expertise will transform you!”

- Monique, Job, City


“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where Her expertise will transform you!”

- Monique, Job, City

Here's How to Win at Heels Game

Aka the only way to walk in them

In order for you to win at the heels game – you need the right information (about how to walk -body language and anatomy - and choosing the right shoes) and the right systems. 

The number 1 secret that allowed my clients to go from an uncomfortable and awkward walk into a confident, comfortable and gorgeous strut - was NOT starting with a kitten heel or wedge, 
NOT putting in a ton of practice, and NOT breaking in their heels at home but instead 
focusing on body mechanics and body language.

1. the right positions

If you're headed in the wrong direction - you will never make it.

Only by learning the right positions in heels you will be able to keep your body balanced, comfortable and healthy. All while having an elegant posture.

2. techniques how to move

There are ways in which your body should not move.

Learn the techniques how to move in a way that will preserve good positions and will make you look elegant, feminine and sexy.

3. develop the right skills

Walking in heels is a skill.

Use Pro exercises to quickly develop coordination, strength and balance that you need to make walking in heels effortless and fun.


On average, the women I taught practiced only 30 min per week and got good within 30 daysSo, you don't need to worry about having time no matter how busy your schedule might be. 

If you want to be able to walk in heels without pain, radiating confidence and sexiness every where you go, with my system there is nothing that's stopping you.

What's the investment?
And you don't need to spend $2,997 for private coaching package with me. 
You can learn my whole system for the price of 1 new pair of heels...

How to Walk in Heels Course



  • 5 Modules where you will learn step-by-step everything you need to wear heels confidently, comfortably and beautifully
  • Instructional videos to help you catch your mistakes and know how to fix them
  • Practice videos to understand and practice the mechanics to reduce pain and walk like a sexy, confident boss
  • Ultimate practice guide to keep you inspired and focused as you work through the course making the process easy
  • Years of experience, testing and proven results

Put all this knowledge into your walk

Whats Inside the Course



Ready to trade weak ankles and wobbly legs for a balanced elegance strut? Kick your heels in the air and say YEAH! In this module you will develop your confident and healthy heels foundation by learning:

- Tripod Technique that will set up a correct foundation so you can wear heels without pain and your toes being squeezed.

- 5 Pro Exercises that will quickly strengthen your feet and legs, develop coordination and balance, that you need to prepare your body for heels so you can quit spending so much time thinking about balance.

- BSP Technique to give you a gorgeous strut that will allow you to walk confidently and elegantly.

An easy to follow step-by-step system, so you can choose the heels you really love instead of settling for a kitten heel or wedge.


Spoiler alert: Your hips will help your walk when you know how to use them right!
Hips are a key for a feminine and sexy look. They are also the center of your body weight that affects the way you move. Here I'll teach you:

- 3 Fs of hip movement so you can have a sexy, feminine and balanced walk

- 2 Signature Styles. No need to just wiggle your hips around. These are different techniques to move your hips so you can create the look and the feeling that you want in the way you carry yourself..

My own personal hip routine (under 12 minutes), because I value getting maximum results in a short amount of time.


If you’re ready to radiate confidence when walking in a room, your poise has to be on point. Here’s how I do it…
The 3-challenges that are ruining your impression, and of course how to fix them!

4-exercise to improve your body language and presence, so you can influence people without saying a word.

Including how to create feminine angles, to reframe the way you communicate from masculine to feminine.


What good is all the mechanics if we can’t bring it together in style? It’s time to talk about the end game of walking in heels and how to create your signature walk.

3-ways to style your walk, you’ll learn the Relaxed Elegance, Subtle Sexy and Bombshell Strut.
Clear visual cues, draw from my expertise as a dancer and train your own eye.

Tips to expand your comfort zone, no matter where you start from, you’ll become a woman whose not afraid to flaunt it.


Whether your arms are tense and tight or all over the place, this module will fix-it and put the final cherry on top to your walk!

Including arm isolations, so you can create flexibility and eliminate stress.

3-different styles, that will emphasize your hips and slim your waistline.

My recommended arm and leg pairings, so you can take the guess work out of it, and personalize your walk to any occasion (from office to date-night)

Watch a Sample Lesson


…battling through pain, weak ankles and wobbly knees, trying your best to imitate Gigi or Bella, and piece-mealing every tip you’ve got from Google and YouTube.



Learn from a World Class Dancer whose extensively studied body mechanics and body language… who has 2 decades of Award-Winning coaching under her belt… and has taken hundreds of women from flats to heels in under 30 days…

…she’s standing by to help.

Offer Stack From SP


“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where Her expertise will transform you!”

- Monique, Job, City


“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where  Her expertise will transform you!”

- Monique, Job, City


“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where Her expertise will transform you!”

- Monique, Job, City


“I absolutely loved the course! Sarah breaks down the pieces into easy to implement steps. I work in the event industry and am often at social events where Her expertise will transform you!”

- Monique, Job, City



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You love your heels… but you’re feeling the pain of walking in them (neck, back, you name it!). You want someone to hold your hand and show you the ropes, because you’re ready to pinpoint what you’re doing wrong and learn exactly how to fix it.

You’ve dabbled with tips from blogs and YouTube, but let’s be honest… you want a better source of information that you can count on, and just need the roadmap to make the mechanics look flawless.

You’ve *lost* that feminine feeling… between grocery store runs and chasing toddlers, you’ve felt a little disconnected from those feminine parts of yourself. You’re craving a self-confidence lift stat!

You just know your presentation impacts how you feel and how others perceive you…working in any industry where poise matters, you’re ready to get the skills and capitalize on that advantage.

You’re don’t mind a little hand-holding when it comes to learning how to rock those heels, ‘cause your so sick of feeling uncoordinated and silly, when you see other women make it look so sexy and effortless. How do they do it?!
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Holiday Promo 🎁
30% Off: $197 $137.9

get the facts 


Hey, I’m Sarah Bohdanova!

I’m an expert on presentation and body language, a heels coach, and a nerd when it comes to studying women.

I love coaching women on how to get intentional with their vision for themselves, and empowering them with the tools and skills that bring that vision to life (without conforming to the opinions and expectations of others).

I’m a World Professional Dance Semi-finalist and Award Winning coach who has worked with hundreds of women in my career. My favorite days are spent sharing my secrets with fabulous women around the world.

Working on my presentation and body language has allowed me to silence the inner critic (you know the one), and show up in life the way I WANT, with confidence.